Sunday, September 30, 2012

COS- the luxury version of H&M

: : the place where I spent most of my money while in Copenhagen, was definitely COS. It's the high-end clothing line of H&M. Everything was fabulous about COS. While being a higher end line, prices were still reasonable. All the clothes had interesting, unique cuts and often mixed different textures and materials. I fell for all the pops of bright colors and neon, combined with light greys and soft pastels. So far there are only a few stores in all of Europe, by they ship anywhere within Europe from their online store. I plan on making COS a regular stop on my itinerary every time I go home.


Di said...

It is definitely my favourite shop. I seem to have a wardrobe full of COS clothes. I first discovered it in Berlin about 5 years ago but now there is one in Glasgow - only about 85 miles away....highly recommend a visit to anyone who has a store nearby.

ericah said...

Since last week, Gothenburg also has got a COS store! Very soon I will have a look... Välkommen ;) /erica

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Gertrud Haeuser said...

Ich bin ganz sicher, dass das klappt!

Wir haben uns jetzt ein neues Geschirr-Set von Arte viva gekauft! Die Kinder lieben die schönen Farbtöne von den Tellern und essen davon jetzt sogar Brokoli ;)

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